Homemade Jewelry

I took a jewelry making class a few years back. I loved it. But I have a hard time making stuff that I really like that doesn’t use up a ton of resources. I have a very large collection of beads bought from the thrift store. But I also really like to make things more natural looking. So I started buying copper pieces, cutting them up with a saw (which somehow I find incredibly relaxing), and then patina-ing them in salt water.

What’s great is that you don’t know what you’re gonna get.

I use an old ice cube tray to stand the pieces up, and just put salt and water and wait 3-6 weeks. (refilling as the water gets low to add more crust to them.)

Unfortunately the patina comes off, so I have to shellac it, but it’s still cool, and reminds people that there is beauty in the disintegration of stuff.


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