The fourth R

In school we are to learn Reading, Writing and ‘Rithmetic. In the environmental movement they talk about reduce, reuse, recycle. But both of these triplets are missing is the essential of repair.

What happens when your washer breaks and you have nothing to wash your clothes with? If you’re me, you ask your neighbors for help. But most people will just buy a new one (which coincidentally exactly what my neighbors told me to do.)

What both are missing, however is turning that thing upside down to see what it needs. In my case, all I needed was a new belt. Now, who knows how much longer before it broke again, and who knows if the next time I would have the skills to fix it. When it come to mechanics and electronics I am sorely lacking in the whole repair category. But I just found this website to help me with it, and I plan to use it. Ifixit has repair manuals for a lot of electronics, not so much household appliances yet, but it’s a good resource.

Right now I’m trying to make my inherited radio play better. Something’s wrong with the wire connections.

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